Jesus Forgive Me

October 6, 2018













On the days that I can’t gather

enough energy to get out of bed,


Jesus forgive me. 


On the days that all I want to do is sleep-


Jesus forgive me. 


Some days hurt so badly that I think about death-


Jesus forgive me. 


On the days that I get so angry at You for taking my child,


Jesus forgive me. 



And the days that I struggle to see Your light-


Please, Jesus. Forgive me. 



When I curse and stomp my feet. Like a tantruming child. 



Jesus. Forgive me. 




On the days that I surrender this pain to You on the cross,

At Your feet,

and just hours later,

Pick it up again. 



Jesus, forgive me. 



On the days that I can’t help but feel darkness surrounding me. Engulfing me. 


Forgive me, Jesus. For not knowing You’re there. Every. Step. Of. The. Way. 



On the weeks that I don’t go to church- because I’m angry all over again. 


Forgive me, Jesus. 




When the days come that are paralyzed with pain and grief,


And all the thoughts of suicide rush in. 



Jesus forgive me. 



When I don’t pray. 


Please. Jesus. Forgive me. 




When I am sitting in the darkness. 


Thank You, Jesus for sitting with me. 



When I want to die. 


Thank You for convincing me to live. 



When I muster the strength up to leave the house or talk to someone-


That is because of You. 



Thank You for Your unending love. 


Jesus forgive me. 












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