Holiday Grief

The holidays can be the most joyous time of year. It promotes the season of giving and is highly known for softening the hearts of even the meanest grinches. But for some of us this holiday season, it can be a torrential time of year. Devastating. Depressing. Agonizing. You see the smiles and cheer of everyone around you and you wonder why, why you can’t have that. You wonder why you aren’t one of the “lucky ones” who get all of their children here- Who understand what it means to be whole. But don’t understand the possibility of the darkest side of life you’ve ever seen. You may not see us look, you may not hear our thoughts. You might not even notice at us. But when we see you out in publi

Gratefully Grieving

I’m gratefully grieving. Today and every day. Grieving for my child. Their name I wish you’d say. It helps my grieving heart, you see. To hear their precious name. Today and every day. Their love I’ll exclaim! I’ll continue hurting now. For it doesn’t go away. Please don’t avoid it or pretend. Just sit with me and stay. Because today is Thanksgiving. I’ll think of all the memories. And wish we could be creating more. But Don’t think any less of me, when my eyes get sore. Because I’m gratefully grieving. Grateful because I had my child. Grieving because I miss them so. Questioning everything. Like why they had to go. If I could tell you one thing, That I think you should know, Today, mention