Everything That is Beautiful- Doesn't Always Start Beautifully

This weighed heavy on my heart today. I know my fellow loss moms and dads may be able to agree with me now, but maybe not. Not yet. This is one of the hardest things that we have ever endured. This is by far the hardest thing. And it continues to be. But let me talk to you for a second. Stop with me. I remember the anger. The blood boiling, forceful anger that in the pit of my stomach, would boil to no end. The rage that came over me. And the rage that probably comes over you, too. You are doing the best that you can. With the best that you have. You love your child with all of your heart. With all of your soul. I know that if you would've known this outcome prior to it happening, you would'

The Truth Is....

The truth is that I hate this time of year. No. Not because the kids go back to school. Although that used to be my reason. I never wanted to say goodbye to Ariana. Her first day of 4K, I sobbed and sobbed in the hallway. She sat on the colorful ABC rug and smiled at me. Of course, I was pregnant with Bo. So maybe you could blame it on the hormones. But maybe not. I hate this time of year not because our kids go to school. Although it's a daunting reminder of what's to come. September 1st each year was the first day of school for my girl. September 4th my son passed from this world. Holding on to the similarities and thoughts that I once knew. The blissfulness that I once had. I hate this ti