September 10, 2018

Mom life is messy. 

A messy life. 

I know this because 

I thrive to be a stay at home mom. 

I’m very fortunate in this aspect. 

Because I get to be the one

Who spends 24 hours a day,

Cleaning up after them,

Feeding them,

Influencing them. 

And while, 

I recognize I’m so lucky. 


September 9, 2018

She smiles brightly for all the world to see. But what lies beneath her smile simmers and demands to be felt.  

She breathes and fights as hard as she can. 

But fighting is exactly what happens in her mind. 

Her mind is a battlefield of right and wrong. 

Even when it feels...

September 6, 2018

So many people are quick to say it,  

The dreaded words of child loss,

you are “so strong”—

Or “God can only give you 

what you “can handle.” 

I haven’t had this for awhile. 

But today it occurred to me. 

As an elderly woman asked about

My tattoo on my wrist. 

Bo William? Who...

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