August 30, 2018

To all of those that say

I’ve been distant,

Well, I’m sorry. 

To all of those that say

I’ve changed

I have and I won’t lie. 

To all of the old friends

And the “good ole’ times we had” 

They are over and gone. 

To the Innocence that I’ve longed to delight myself in,

I miss you...

August 30, 2018

Like many others, I suffer from the effects of PTSD in regards to child loss.

These effects debilitate me. 

At the most random times.

With no warning.

I could be functioning super normal and at the blink of an eye I remember what happened.

1091 days ago. 

I’m back to Septemb...

August 29, 2018

We’ve known the 

Baumhardt family for years now. 

And we’ve made so many 

Countless memories. 


In September 2016

I stood in a barn with a microphone.

Our crazy idea was put into action. 

Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse

And to think that it all started 

After our son, Bo pas...

August 25, 2018

While we have endured this heartache, 

We have clenched to the love of God. 

And while we have endured these trenches, 

We have felt the temptation to give up. 

Give up on the life. 

Give up on our marriage. 

Give up on the idea of any positive coming out of Bo’s death. 


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