April 19, 2018

Finding beauty in everything is hard. To be honest, the world of child loss challenges you everyday to find it. 

I’ve found that throughout my life,

And I’ve also had to learn to let go. 

My biological father and my mother were very young when I was born. 

I never got the...

April 16, 2018

One thing that a lot of people 

That are not in the world of

Child Loss

Don’t understand is that 

even though

We seem like we function 

“normally” -

We are secretly dying inside. 

We as child loss parents 

Suffer with not only the 

Repeated reminders of our child 

That’s gone. 


April 5, 2018

Nine Hundred Forty-Four Days. 

Since the very worst day of my life.

945 Days since I last held you.

How does that happen? 

How does one go on?

The days have flown by.

For what seems to be for my benefit.

And yet here I sit.

Feeling frustrated

And perhaps defeated. 

Some days hat...

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